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Peak Confidence Program

This Program is designed to transform people over 30 struggling with confidence issues, as a result of high amounts of negative stress or emotional disruptions.


The Peak Confidence Program (PCP) is about creating awareness and healthy coping strategies which will improve the overall quality of life.


Science shows every action is run by a habit of thought and our brains are constantly looking for connections especially when emotions are involved. Our unconscious and untrained mind is constantly pulling from all of our past experiences which can in most cases predict how we will react in most circumstances.

This program massively increases confidence through a four-week program, which helps identify our different anxieties and the creation of practical techniques for combating our automatic responses to mental and emotional situations that cause discomfort.


One of the ways of maintaining sustainable change is using Rapid Transformational Therapy, also known as RTT.


RTT is a distinct, therapeutic approach that utilizes hypnotherapy combined with principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and psychotherapy.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as:

”As Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires
them to maximize their personal and professional potential”

The Role of a Coach in achieving goals

  • To align the client with the actions, emotions and thoughts that reinforce change and give relief.

  • To create strong associations between the brain and the value of accomplished goals.

Coaching is an extremely impactful process of dialogue that helps people perform even better over time and ensures results are sustained.

Coaching is not consulting, your focus is not about performing an analysis and making recommendations.

Coaching is not counseling, your focus isn’t resolving personal or psychological problems.

Reasons for combining coaching with RTT

  • RTT addresses the Subconscious Mind and the already programmed habits that are hardwired in the brain that create negative thought patterns which can limit the actualization of goals.

  • Coaching helps guide the Conscious Mind using precise techniques to achieve success while keeping the physical, mental and emotional states in equilibrium.

Healing on both the conscious and the unconscious parts of the mind to make core mental programing a habit of action.

Why every program starts with RTT

  • To rewire the subconscious programing.

  • To understand the origin of beliefs.

  • To heal & break the limiting beliefs deeply programmed in the subconscious.

  • To uncover the hidden root cause of behaviors.


RTT addresses the past to prepare the client for the present & future.


Then comes, the Coaching Strategy

  • To integrate the new beliefs after rewiring with RTT, so these changes start to spread to all aspects of the client’s life.

  • To increase the client’s capacity to be self referenced and believe in themself.

  • To support future goals and help strategize their success.

These now contribute to what is called Ecology, in NLP ecology relates to the consequences of actions on all areas of your life. This is the harmony that creates sustainable change and results.

This 30 Day customized experience, is designed and built using proven effective, modalities and techniques to empower us in moments of self doubt and states of distress.

Week 1

Rapid Transformational Therapy session (90mins)

  • Intake Form.

  • Setting the client up for success.

  • Therapy session.

  • Transformational Recording (This is a personalized recording that helps prepare the mind

  • to embrace and adapt rapid change.)


Week 2

Coaching Session (45mins)

  • Topics can include but not limited to

  • Reflection on shifts from RTT session.

  • How our thoughts become our experience.

  • The effects of thought on confidence.

  • Working with self values.

  • Creating a Ritual.

  • Rituals are a powerful human mechanism for managing extreme emotions and stress.

  • Changing how our brains work by changing our minds.

  • The purpose of healthy habits in the client's life.

  • Building a richer picture of what the mind/body says about our habits.

  • Choosing tools of impact.

  • Breaking out of fear states.

  • Reevaluating and modifying old behaviors.

  • Setting priorities and managing trade offs.

  • Becoming and maintaining confidence.


Week 3

Coaching Session (45mins)

Week 4

Coaching Session (45mins)

  • These all tie the Rapid Transformational Experience together, with actions taken in both

  • conscious and unconscious states, fortifying the mindset and making implementation

  • seamless.

  • Cost $800

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