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Jaiye Dania is an experienced wellness consultant and solution-focused hypnotherapist.

The Perfect Weight Program

This Program is designed to empower people over 30 with releasing pain and gaining massive confidence through a four-week program that identifies the emotional motivations linked to weight retention.

The Peak Confidence Program

This Program is designed to transform people over 30 struggling with confidence issues, as a result of high amounts of negative stress or emotional disruptions.

Professional Health Coaching

Coaching helps guide the Conscious Mind using precise techniques to achieve success while keeping the physical, mental and emotional states in equilibrium.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

If you would like to know more about RTT hypnotherapy or what an RTT session with me is like, click the button below to find some helpful answers to frequent questions

Couples Therapy
Adolescent Therapy
The Mental & Emotional Equilibrium Program

Coming Soon!

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