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“Jaiye was recommended to me. I was unaware of RTT until a friend told me about it. I decided to try it. Can I say it was the most amazing, sensitive, heartfelt and emotional. He tapped into a part of my subconscious I never knew needed work. I had no idea I had to break up with my old self. This has made such a huge difference in my life. Not a negative thought crosses my mind anymore. I highly recommend this therapy. Jaiye, I am truly grateful..”


- Sandra G. 

“Although I never heard of Rapid Transformation Therpy(RRT), I decided to give it try help manage my workplace anxiety. My experience with Jaiye and his session was very eye opening. his sessions were very soothing and took me to a comfortable place. listening to his recording every day was calming, I found myself consistently frequently listening through out the day to help me focus and become more mindful and arert to what I give my energy to. I later realized that listening to the recordings was programming myself to concentrate better during work and obtaining information better. My normal tension anxieties at work especially are less using RRT. I recommend and and suggest to anyone to give it try especially if you want elevate yourself.”

- Prince T. 

“My Testimonial Transformational. That’s the best way to describe the experience I had while getting help from Jaiye. My life is far from perfect & the circumstances I’ve had to endure put a particular cripple on my life. On the very first day of our session I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders that was heavier than I even knew & we only scratched the surface. It’s been months since then, and the confidence I feel & security I have of myself, is much greater than the facade I tried to fool everyone, including myself, with. I can’t thank Jaiye enough. Thank you!”


- Tobias C. 

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